Party Planning Tips

Certain Guest Might Have Special Dietary Needs

When planning the reception, take into consideration guests who may have special dietary needs (kosher, vegetarian, etc.).

Leave Time For Stress Free Photos

Set aside enough time for photos. Don’t book your ceremony and reception back to back, otherwise the photographer might feel rushed, and it will be evident in your photos.

How to Beat Bad Weather

If you’re having an outdoor event, consider renting a tent to cover you in case of unexpected rain. If its heat you’re escaping, be sure to position the tent to provide shade where needed. Consider renting side panels to block the sun, rain or wind.

When Planning Games, Remember Your Age Group

It is important when planning a party to focus on the ages of the invitees. What may seem like an extremely simple game to an adult could prove to be quite complicated to a small child. Remember that the simple, repetative games are often the most popular for kids because they are familiar with the routine and experience a high success rate. The party games should focus on enjoyment for the entire group and not only on providing competition for one or two winners.

How many kids should I invite to my child’s birthday party?

For children under 8 years old, invite as many children as the child’s age plus one. Some parents choose to add 1 or 2 to this equation. Only you can know your limits. Of course, as your child gets much older the formula will need revision. The Invitation Equation: Child’s age + 1 = happy kids

Obviously this is just a guideline. Before you begin to plan your party think about your limits, strengths and weaknesses as well as the party area available to you.

Arrange Furniture Comfortably

Arrange the furniture so that everyone is within comfortable talking distance. This will help conversation to flow freely.

Seating Arrangements At A Dinner Party

Planning dinner-party seating requires providing place cards or escort cards, seating the elderly and children near restrooms and grouping close family and friends together.

Reserve Your Rentals In Advance

Get everything on your rental “wish list” by reserving your rental equipment early, usually three months in advance of your celebration date. However, during the popular summer season, June brides should make reservations as early as six months ahead of time to ensure the availability of certain equipment.

Graduation Party Favor Idea

Have a memory note station. Set up “note boxes” for each guest, and paper and pens to write notes to each other. The teens can write their memories of the other person down and stick it in their friend’s box.